Sytop Stellite Alloy Supplier's Service

cobaltalloynet | 30 November, 2018 03:28

Cobaltalloy is a professional Stellite Alloy company, which located in shenyang, one largest commercial city in China. We mainly manage stellite alloy, cobalt alloy, stellite alloy 12, stellite alloy 6, stellite alloy 3, stellite alloy 4 products and other related products. Our company has been engaged in these fields for many years and has a sound reputation and credits among the foreign customers and suppliers with our great variety of first-rate quality products, novel design and good services.

Service of Stellite Alloy 12 Factory - Cobaltalloy:

1.Supply Stellite Alloy parts upon customer drawing and request

2.Free samples could be provided for testing

3.Both big quantity and small quantity are acceptable , Order flexible.

Production Process—Powder metallurgy

Mixing powder – Pressing – sintering – machining guarantee the balls roundness and accuracy, also the tightness of Stellite 20 Ball and Stellite Alloy Valve Seat.

We warmly welcome friends of various circles to come to visit and talk about business with us. We have established excellent business relationships with lots of our old partners based on equality, mutual benefit, customer first & service foremost, contract respecting. We look forward to your business negotiation and will sincerely be your best trade partner.


cobaltalloynet | 27 November, 2018 23:41

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